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  • Ready, set... Zebra Market!


    We at Pelliano think Swan Market Rotterdam is awesome! That’s why we were so dissapointed to see it cancelled due to bad weather. Yep, there we were, ready to sell some awesome ties, blazers and other accessories at ridickulous prices. And then the wind and the rain came. Bummer.

    So to make it up to all Swan Market lovers who were planning to visit our stand (and the rest of the Pelliano family), we’ve set up Zebra Market: an online version of our Pelliano stand at Swan Market! Look at the bright side: it’s always sunny in cyberspace! Use the following discount codes between now and October 30th and get super-ridickulous discounts!

    Make any Blazer cost 79 euro: Windy Jacket
    Hack tie prices to 35 euro: Rainy Tie
    Abracadabra Pocket Squares to 20 euro: Wet Pocket Square
    Ridickulize all Bow-Ties to 20 euro: Stormy Bow Tie
    Metamorph all Scarves to 25 euro: Flying Scarve

    See you at the Zebra Market and the next Swan Market!

  • Treat your Best Guy Friend and yourself to some free Pelliano products!


    Pelliano celebrates the awesomely cool male best friend bond: It's Bros before Hos this October, where we reward you and your brother from another mother. Guess what: If you buy any Pelliano product each, you get 2 free products. Here's how it works:

    1. Buy any Pelliano Product
    2. Get your Best Friend to buy one too
    3. Take a picture of the both of you wearing the Pelliano gear
    4. Send it to the Consigliere
    5. Ka-ching! You both get one product for free!

    Obviously, there are some rules.

    First, it applies the stuff you've bought as of October 23d: You both have to make a new purchase. And the offer ends on November 1st.

    Now, we're not going to bitch about prices, so if you two buy any 2 accessories (tie, bow tie, pocket square, scarf) - you can choose ANY 2 accessories as your Bro-gifts. If you both buy a suit or blazer, you can choose suits or blazers as your bro-gifts!

    Oh, and our lawyer makes us explain clearly that the pics you submit may be posted on Facebook or to promote the products or brand. So for this reason, we'd prefer you keeping your pants on in the shots.

    Any questions: Shoot an e-mail to

    Now go and assemble your 2-man Wolfpack!

  • All your Pelliano gear custom made!

    capo-flyer1-1024x660Here's a thought: Why is the sizing system for clothes stuck in the 19th century? Wouldn't it be great if all the clothes you would buy would fit you perfectly? Your size should not be M or 50. It should be you. That's exactly what Pelliano is going to make happen.

    Before this rolls out on a regular consumer scale, Pelliano is looking to recruit 50 Capos - each to be a solid part of the Pelliano family. Guys with an innate sense of style and with an immaculate leadership aura to lead over the enforcers of our style family. Goodfellas who represent the Pelliano family in it's best light.

    Here's the offer you can't refuse: Pelliano has custom-ordered a small batch of premium materials, straight from 'the Old Country'. Each capo gets to be the first to buy a made to measure Pelliano suit or blazer, way before the regular customers even see them. These are limited edition suits and blazers, some designs have as little as 15 available, personalized for you by Pelliano and made to fit you perfectly. What's even better? Become a Capo in the Pelliano Family and we will grace you with a photo shoot and exclusive interview.

    How do I sign up?

    But beware: becoming a Capo isn't easy. The don is looking for a maximum of 50 guys with real, personal style. There's only one way to become a made man: introduce yourself to We'll find you from there.

  • Stop! Sample Sale Time!


    MC Hammer recently stopped by the Pelliano Showroom and complained how he can't afford an 80 euro tie. So we cut him some slack and sold him a sample tie for 20 euros. Now, you can get the same deal as one of the icons of the 80s.

    Ties: 20€
    Bow Ties: 15€
    Pocket Squares: 15€
    Scarves: 25€
    Suit: 150€
    Blazer: 100€

    Do the ties suck? Nope. They're just as good as the regular stuff. High quality, with proper labels and all. Most are either store samples or prototypes. Nobody can tell the difference. I mean, have you seen anything wrong with the ties MC Hammer is wearing?

    When and where's the action?
    It's Hammer Time from 12:00 'till 22:00!
    Pelliano Showroom: Vasteland 78 (Het Nieuwe Kantoor) in Rotterdam. First floor. Just follow the MC Hammer music playing.

  • Power Dressing 101

    Pelliano's own Sales Capo Pieter and Creative Blah Blah Marin show you how to mix and match your stuff to become a true authority figure. Plus, you'll learn why a Grenadine tie is the best tie for the office. Word.

    Want to look important? Go for the contrast!

    You've probably seen him once or twice in real life: the man in an awesome suit that just looked impressive: full of authority and poise. Of course, it was a high-quality suit and the dude was probably very confident, but the third key ingredient in getting that Lead-Look is having enough of contrast in the way you dress. A light grey suit and medium blue shirt are fine if you want to look stylish, but real power keeps things toned down color-wise and lots of contrast: dark suit, light (blue or white) shirt and a powerful, dark tie.

    Don't fall in the black suit, white shirt and black tie trap: you will look like a waiter or an extra from Reservoir Dogs. Keep that combo for evening wear. During the day, a very dark grey (with a nice pattern, a la The Cavaliere), combined with a white shirt and sturdy, semi-shiny tie, like Mr.President will make you look like you decide on millions (of dollars or lives) every day of the week. See exhibts A through C to see how Mr.President himself, Mr.Specter and Mr.Underwood rock similar combos.


    Tie Choice: Grenadine Silk

    Class is in session: Grenadine stands for the type of weave. It's kind of between knitted and regular woven. Of course, we produce them in Italy from the best silk around. Why do we think Grenadine are some of the ultimate Lead ties? First of all, a business tie shouldn't be too shiny (evening wear!) and second, it should have a sturdy feel, a bit of stiffness, so it stands up proudly, instead of hanging like a dead fish.

    Finally, an ideal Lead tie should have a luxurious aura: nobody with real power wears 30€ ties. This is why Grenadine is so awesome: it's beautiful silk, meaning it will give that gorgeous shiny-ness, without looking cheap. Also, the weave creates a beautiful pattern of shadows and highlights, thereby making it look far more interesting from a distance than a flat tie.

    Pelliano just introduced Grenadine to the arsenal, with two authority figures representing each flavor: Mr.President is flying the blue flag of the Democratic party, while The Govenator is full of GOP red with a bit of nost.

    - Marin Licina

  • Style Mythbusters: You Can't Wear Sneakers Under A Suit

    Suit and sneakers - GQ

    Browse through a random street style blog dedicated to menswear, and the suit-and-sneaker combo will hit you in the face left and right. Dope, right? Right.. But since Simone Marchetti is simply more, uhm, Simone Marchetti than us, the question remains if the average dude can also pull off the look like a street style phenomenon.

    In all honesty, our favourite men of street style their dedication to sneaks isn't necessarily brand new, as hip hop and R&B artists – most notoriously Jay-Z, Kanye and JT– have been pushing the new etiquette of bespoke dressing, ever since the first decade of the new millennium.

    The biggest difference in the way in which the entertainers choose to wear their kicks, compared to the men of street style, comes down to their model of choice. Whereas in the hip hop scene it are the high-tops - in a preferably as bright as possible red - that have been making rounds for a while, in the street style scene it are the running shoes that make the men (New Balance being among the ultimate kicks of the moment).

    When going high-top, it's best to make sure your trousers have a straight or loose fit to them, in order to provide the necessary urban vibe to the look. When opting for the running shoe, a tapered pair of trousers, narrow leg, or ankle-cropped pair works best, as it'll allow you to elevate things with the help of colourful socks or bare ankles.

    Anyway, to give you the answer you've been waiting for: yes, also the everyday dude can rock this combo. However, it depends on the type of everyday dude you are. Looks like these are probably best kept for the man's man with a strong jawline, groomed with a sleek hairstyle and potentially a beard. It's not just 'bout the outfit – it's the total package.

    So uh, yeah: MYTH.

    Photo courtesy: American GQ

    -Declan Eytan

  • How to do Charm in Summer


    For some reason, many guys shun a suit or even a suit jacket in the summer, preferring to trade them in for flip flops, a wife-beater tank top and board shorts. This is fine if you're a surf dude in Hawaii, but we at Pelliano believe one of the coolest things on earth is a cool cat in a lightweight suit. With some proper accessories like a pocket square and bad-ass sunglasses. Let's get you going.


    1.Suit Up, Without the Sweat

    Notice how many native people in very warm areas (Saudi Arabia, anyone) tend not to wear short sleeves and shorts. Why? Because sun on cloth keeps you cooler than sun on your skin. The trick, of course, is to pick the right cloth. This is why you should really have 3 kind of suits: wooly or flannel winter ones to keep you warm, mid-season ones for Spring and Autumn, made of lighter wool. And then you should have some lightweight materlials like seersucker, cotton or linen.
    If you want to keep it cool, a half-lined or unlined suit is a great move, as it removes one more layer (the lining) from your getup. No lining and lightweight materials will keep you cool, instead of looking like a sweaty dork. Move slowly in the sun, by the way.
    Don't forget that your shirt material can also do a lot to keep you either cool or ridiculously warm. A crisp white linen shirt, or a very lightweight cotton will do the job well. An oxford cloth or flannel are usually not the greatest idea.


    2.Get the right Colors

    Pick light(er) colors for your suit or jacket. More acceptable ones are mid-blue, light brown or tan and of course light grey. If you really want to wow the crowds, go for a very light brown linen or pure white cotton or cotton/wool/linen blend. Do realize that super-light suits will get dirty fast, but that's the cost of being a peacock, son.

    When it's sunny, everything is brighter and has more contrast. So you should match the decor. Feel free to go a bit crazier with stripes, checks or even paisleys, especially if your suit or jacket are plain color. You could also flip it around - picking a bright jacket and then toning it down with a simple white or blue shirt.


    3. Accessories, Son!

    If it's a really warm summer day, you're probably bringing your sunglasses along. If you're going mountain biking, something sporty like an Oakley is fine, but do opt for something more classic with a suit or jacket. We prefer Person, Tom Ford for the people with a thick wallet, or the timeless classics (and affordability) of Ray-Ban. You can nonchalantly tuck your sunglasses in the chest pocket of your suit when not wearing them, by the way.
    Things like ties, pocket squares or socks are really the things that separate the amaterus from the pro's. Have some balls and don some bright socks (lightweight wool or cotton is smart) and perhaps match them with your tie, pocket square or whatever. A cool linen bow tie, like Blues Man and Southern Flavor or regular tie The Gospel can make all the difference. Or go really bright with a Smooth Agnelli or a Red Fury. How about a Hat? Make sure to take it off indoors and tip your hat's rim to the ladies.


    In the end, it all comes down to how nonchalantly you combine everything, so even as you're charming, don't take yourself too seriously and rock a positive, friendly attitude. Try some of these ideas and whether you're in San Francisco or Singapore, you'll surely get compiments on the street.


    - Marin Licina
  • How To Wear Shorts, Without Looking Like A Douche

    Shorts - Michael Kors 2008

    Just because spring is starting to get hot 'n here, doesn't mean you have to wear shorts. But in case you must, here's how to flash your legs, without selling yourself short (pun intended).

    First things first – before stepping into the leg-baring arena, make sure you're working with the right lengths. So in case you were considering three quarter shorts - don't. Make up your mind dude, 'cause you're either with the shorts, or against them, there is no meeting half – or better said, three quarter – way. The same thing can be said for zip-off cargo pants. You may have thought those were “psych” back in elementary school, but now that you're a big boy, there are few items that can increase your douche-factor like this particular one that likes to swing both ways. Knee shorts however, are a good idea, and in case you've been doing those leg workouts extra hard at the gym, you may even get away with a pair of shorts that reaches slightly above the knee.

    When it comes to the look of your shorts, for those among us with killer sprez, try to experiment with fun prints, such as paisley for example. For the majority of the male population however, it's better to keep it clean, as there is no need for unnecessary utility pockets and/or prints that could potentially harm your hustle.

    So now that you get that it's best to stick with basic black, white, or navy cotton shorts, here's how to style them. Get matchy matchy with it, by sticking to one colour throughout your entire look. This type of consistency makes your look more mature and sophisticated, oppose to going for a student-like beige-shorts-white-tee-black-sneaks – combo. For example, black shorts with a black (dress)shirt/summer knit, black shoes, and cool (aviator) shades, are an easy way to nail it. If you like to emphasize on sophistication, work with a blazer, that is either the same colour as the rest of your look, or in a contrasting shade that puts additional focus on the sartorial staple.

    Ph. Marcio Madeira - Michael Kors spring/summer 2008 look with shorts

    -Declan Eytan

  • Wim Daniëls over 'houdoe'

    In de nieuwe Esquire (die woensdag in de kiosk ligt) spreekt 's lands bekendste en origineelste taalkundige Wim Daniëls over de Nederlandse taal, de verengelsing daarvan en waarom je iemand beter een oetlul dan een boerenbraadlul kunt noemen. Daniëls' nieuwe boek Groeten uit Brabant verschijnt binnenkort. Lees hier de voorpublicatie.


    (Photo: Casper Rila)

    Mr. Daniëls is wearing Pelliano: A bow-tie called The MBA, and top-secret Pelliano shirt and suit prototype.

    Bij verkiezingen die in 2005 en 2012 in Noord-Brabant werden gehouden om vast te stellen welk woord Brabanders het mooiste Brabantse woord vinden, kwam beide keren overduidelijk ‘houdoe’ als winnaar uit de bus. Geen enkel ander woord kwam zelfs maar in de buurt van ‘houdoe’. Het woord is zó populair dat het ook buiten Brabant steeds vaker gebruikt wordt vanwege de behoefte aan herkomstbevestiging van Brabantse studenten die buiten Brabant studeren. Ze blijven ook in den vreemde ‘houdoe’ gebruiken om hun Brabantse komaf te benadrukken. En als niet-studerende Brabanders elkaar buiten Brabant ontmoeten, mogen ook zij bij hun afscheid graag ‘houdoe’ tegen elkaar zeggen, juist ook als er niet-Brabanders bij zijn, om hun verbondenheid met elkaar te benadrukken, iets in de trant van ‘wij weten het samen wel’.


    (Photo: Casper Rila)

    Er zijn tijden geweest dat veel Brabanders hun Brabantse komaf buiten de eigen provincie juist wilden verdoezelen, maar zulke Brabanders tref je niet of nauwelijks meer. De tijd van het Brabantse minderwaardigheidscomplex en de schaamte over een zuidelijk accent zijn allang voorbij. Veel Brabanders willen tegenwoordig juist graag weten en laten horen dat ze Brabander zijn. ‘Brabant rules’ is een slogan die je tegenwoordig nogal eens hoort. Het gaat dan bijvoorbeeld over de economie, de it-sector, over cabaret, over van alles. Er is een soort trots gevaren in de Brabander. En die uit zich onder andere in het nadrukkelijke gebruik van ‘houdoe’.

    Daarnaast zijn veel niet-Brabanders intussen zo gecharmeerd geraakt van het woord ‘houdoe’ dat ze het zelf ook gaan zeggen. En hun aantal groeit nog ge- staag. ‘Houdoe’ staat intussen ook al geruime tijd in de algemene woordenboeken, weliswaar nog met de aan- duiding ‘gewestelijk’ erbij, maar dat etiket verdwijnt op den duur natuurlijk als ‘houdoe’ zijn landelijke op- mars voortzet.

    ‘Houdoe’ werkt nu nog wel vaak als een zogenoemd sjibbolet, een woord waarmee je kunt vaststellen of iemand wel of niet uit Brabant komt. Veel mensen buiten Brabant die ook ‘houdoe’ gebruiken, leggen de klemtoon op de tweede lettergreep: houDOE. Dat klinkt Brabanders in de oren alsof iemand ‘káádo’ zegt in plaats van ‘cadeau’. De Brabantse uitspraak van ‘houdoe’ is ‘HOUdoe’, met de klemtoon dus duidelijk op de eerste lettergreep.


    (Photo: Casper Rila)

    Houdoe of oudoe – de ‘h’ wordt in West-Brabant volgens origineel Vlaams-Frans recept met graagte weggelaten – is mogelijk een samentrekking van ‘hou du goed’. ‘Du’ [uitspraak ‘doe’] was vroeger een gebruikelijke aanspreekvorm in heel Nederland, zoals het nu nog een belangrijke aanspreekvorm in Duitsland is. ‘Du’ werd in ons land in de Middeleeuwen volop gebruikt, maar ook nog enige tijd daarna. Bij het maken van de Statenbijbel (die Bijbel verscheen in 1637) is er gediscussieerd over de aanspreekvorm die daarin gebruikt moest gaan worden: ‘du’ of ‘gij’. Uiteindelijk is daarbij gekozen voor ‘gij’ (in de spelling ‘ghy’), omdat ‘du’ toch steeds meer als verouderd aanvoelde. Maar de discussie geeft wel aan dat ‘du’ ook in de zeventiende eeuw nog niet helemaal verdwenen was. En mogelijk zien we in ‘houdoe’ die oude aanspreekvorm ‘du’ in verhulde vorm dus nog terug, al kan het ook zijn dat het niet om ‘du’ gaat, maar om ‘u’ (houd u goed), dat dan aan de rest (‘houd’ en ‘goed’) is vastgegroeid en een dialectuitspraak heeft gekregen, of die dialectuitspraak – en dat is waarschijnlijker – van meet af aan al had, want dialect was er vanzelfsprekend eerder dan de standaardtaal.

    ‘Houdoe’ is zeker niet ontstaan uit ‘how do you do?’ zoals soms wordt beweerd. Daarvoor bestaat in ieder geval geen enkel bewijs. ‘How do you do?’ zeg je bovendien bij het begin van een ontmoeting, terwijl ‘houdoe’ echt een afscheidsgroet is. En het is een mooie afscheidsgroet, want om via ‘houdoe’ de bemoediging ‘houd je goed’ tegen iemand te zeggen, is natuurlijk nooit verkeerd. Het is mooier dan het kale ‘dag’ of ‘daag’, het aardappelachtige ‘doeg’, het verwaaide ‘doei’, het waterige ‘hojje’ of het voor de hand liggende ‘tot ziens’. Ik beveel ‘houdoe’ daarom ook van harte aan niet-Brabanders aan. Eventueel kan er nog ‘wor’, ‘wonne’ of ‘wonnie’ achter geplaatst worden:
    houdoe wor
    houdoe wonne
    houdoe wonnie.
    En een uitroepteken is hier zeker op z’n plaats. Maar leg dus wel de klemtoon op de eerste lettergreep: HOUdoe!

    - Bron:

  • The Great Gatsby's Style

    Pelliano - Gatsby1

    It's only the most anticipated film of the year, and in case you weren't feeling the novel, soundtrack, or Leo DiCaprio - there's always the 3D Twenties style menswear worth hitting theatres for. Oh, and did we mention our mascot also made it to the cast?

    As the story goes - based on the 1920s F. Scott Fitzgerald literary classic - the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby is notorious for throwing the hottest, most extravagant bash of town every Friday, at his spacious West Egg mansion. The parties include about anything from human-size champagne bottles to live trapeze acts, and then there's also our mascot – Zazi the zebra - taking a dip in the pool at his most inflatable, decked out in black and white. Try and spot the zebra:

    Pelliano - Great Gatsby

    We know right – how does one get on the list for one of those extravagant soirées? Well, being loaded alone isn't enough, there's also a dress code involved. And for the 2013 version of the American classic, the tuxing up is more epic than ever. In a story that for a big part revolves around American greatness and wealth, you'd expect the go-to man for costume design would be Ralph Lauren or something. However, it was Italian designer Miuccia Prada that got tapped for the job, and we can't say we're complaining. Think three-piece peak lapel suits – defined by their unstructured tailoring - worn with a tie for a day look, classic roaring Twenties black (bow) tie style at night, and the inevitable brown tweeds in between.

    Pelliano - Gatsby 3

    Colour is probably the magic word when it comes to the on-screen wardrobe of DiCaprio and his male co-stars. Colour, not so much in that obvious colour block-y kind of way, but more like the understated kind we enjoy seeing so much on the gents at Pitti.

    We know closet-envy is kinda for girls, but all we're saying is that it must kick serious ass being Jay Gatsby. If not for owning the white summer suits, then definitely for that inflatable zebra.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures 

    -Declan Eytan






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